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A software engineer, recently graduated from The Higher National School of Computer Science (AKA: ESI ex INI), eager to practice my competences and my educational achievement to provide solutions for the real world, keen to develop new skills to complement my studies and to progress in the big world of Computer Science, interested in devising a better problem-solving method for challenging tasks, and learning new technologies and tools if the need arises; Always ready for new challenges


ESI (ex: INI)
A software engineer, recently graduated from The Higher National School of Computer Science (AKA: ESI ex INI).


ICND1 (Networking)
I had two weeks of training in the networking field with Mr Bouidjra (Cisco expert and constructor) in IctTowers company.

January 2016

ESI -sba
I passed my two years of preparatory cycle at the computer science high school in Sidi Bel Abbès, where we learned the basics of computer science starting from electronics and mathematics.


RAsmAN Hamoud
I got my BAC degree in RAMDAN HAMMOUD secondary school -Ghardaia- in the mathematical field with a good mention.




September 2018 - July 2019

Part-time web and mobile developer

September 2017 - Present ...

BackEnd developer

July-August 2017


It was a part of one of the 3rd year modules, it is a simulation of governmental project for a health care solution.


Active member
GDG -Algiers

An active member and event organizer in GDG-Algiers communication department.

2016 - 2017

Project manager
ESI -sba

It was the 2nd year project, we simulate a development project with a virtual client (one of the teachers), the project was an application for passing and controlling exams and calculating the marks of some specific questions.


Summer internship
Lotus (Computer sale & repair)

It was my first experience inside a company, I learned and applied technical aspects and I got in touch with professionals.

JULY 2015


Back-end web (PHP, Laravel framwork, Slim micro-framwork..)

Front-end web (CSS, HTML, Js..)

Databases (-My-SQL & NoSQL -FireBase DB-)





VCS (Git)


Adobe Photoshop

Agile Methods & TeamWork




React Native





Continuous Integration (Cpanel/Yaml)


Justice Algerie

Justice Algerie

A legal Tech start-up in the launching stage, aims to offer innovative solutions for the Algerian citizens in legal.
websiteSearch engineDemo app mobileDemo Search engineDemo1 websiteDemo2 website

BackEnd  FrontEnd  Mobile  REST API  PHP  Laravel  Deployment  Flutter  ElasticSearch  ReactJs  Redux  JavaScript  Html  CSS  Project Management  TeamWork  

Flutter Helper, International Flutter Hackathon

Flutter Helper in International Flutter Hackathon

We won the first place in the GDG Ghardaia Hub (Rep. Algeria) the first hub in the hole north Africa, in the International Flutter Hackathon.
Flutter Helper

Flutter  Idea  Inspiration  Android  REST API  Github API  StackOverflow API  Team  

DzAlphaTeam O-23, hajjHack

DzAlphaTeam in Hajj-Hackathon

This Hackathon aims to develop digital and tech-based innovations to enhance the hajj experience for millions of pilgrims every year.
Our team were amongst the first 50 project over 796 (top 6%).
Fi-Aman (ie: safely)

Idea  Inspiration  Android  REST  API  NodeJs  Team  MongoDB  Design  UX 

Brochure et logo app Tharwa

Tharwa project (Ritzy)

The project of 4th year (counted as one of the 4th year modules) was about simulating a creation of a software company (we named it "Ritzy") which sell its first software that was a mobile virtual bank (we gave it the name of "Tharwa" ie:fortune).
The software was about a mobile app for a bank that mainly work virtually (such as paypal) which allow users to make virtual transactions and lot of other features, also we had to build a management side for the bank employees which was a web based app with a cutting edge technologies such as ReactJs.
I took the role of a software engineer within a team of 6 students, I build the hole backend of the application on my own starting from the architecture and system-design, database (oracle), development, testing, deployment all the way to the documentation of the REST services and Api; also helped with the client-side development since it was with JavaScript.
It was a helpful project for us since we lived and practiced the whole software production life cycle.
The source code and the relevant documents are in a private repository (contact me for further information).
Laravel  Php  API  REST services  React  JavaScript  Redux  Oracle Database  NodeJs  Redis DB  Jobs Queuing  Time-Based Jobs 
Real-time (Socket.Io)  Html  Css  TeamWork  Project management  Deployment  ReactNative 

watch up mobile application


This project is done in the Mobile development module of my 4th year, with this mobile app you could discover movies, series and actor, it has offline and online mode, for the data we used the TMDB API.
GitHub App Repo

Kotlin  Android  REST  API  TMDB(the movie DB)  Design  UX  Android Studio 

3rd Place in HackIt hackathon

The biggest hackathon in Algeria, take place in The National School of computer Science engineering (ESI), during the 36 hours of the hackathon we build a prototype of a platform that help people rent and find cars and bicycle. Devpost

Php  Laravel  javaScript  css&html  Idea  Design  UX 

BAC avec mention

A very exiting experience for building a desktop app using the power of javaScript, the major challenge was how to provide the assets of the app (a set of valuable documents ) to clients with preventing them from extracting those assets outside the app, it was a realy adventure through encryption and playing around data bytes-level such charset and encoding.

javaScript  NodeJs  NWjs  security  encryption  charsets & char-encoding  css&html 

Robotic Chess-arm

A robotic arm that can move the peaces of a chess board with commands, here is a report that illustrate the work (in french).

Arduino  Python  Electronics  Mechanics 

Part-time job

SoftArt, one of the best things that happened in my life, working on real world projects with professional persons and having to deal with clients, that is what we call it an IT job ^^.

JavaScript  Php  MySql  Networking      Server configuration  html  css  git  teamWork  project deployment 

Hidaya Reporter

A free and open source simple app for managing the meetings of an organization, It allows you to create a report and put notes so you could track their status, do some statistics on note status and member presences, visualize and search reports, change the note status ..
It’s a web based application but with phpDesktop I transferred it to a desktop one.
Laravel  HTML  CSS  JavaScript
bootstrap  jQuery  momentjs


A prototype for a simulation of a governmental health-care solution in one of the third-year modules in the university, we studied the project and made a complete proposal for our solution and also provided a prototype with a Web and Mobile applications in Service Oriented Architecture.

Project Management  Project Scheduling  Financial Management, Cost Estimates, Financial Analysis  Android  MySql  PHP  CSS  JavaScript  bootstrap


Desktop application to automate the continues-evaluations process and helps teacher to do exams with less effort and more efficient, works in a local network, composed with two parts one designates the teacher platform and the other the student platform.

Java  MySql  CSS  Networking



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